Helen Crouch

The Designer:

“there is nothing I love more than creating new unique interiors, using different colours,, lighting, new fabrics and sometime a little of the existing oh and shopping!!!!” Helen Crouch, Designer & Director of Concept & Completion, with years of creative flair she uses it day to day to change residential and commercial spaces, from a client’s lounge to a complete pub, hotel or garden any space can be changed.


Concept and Completion:

Interior & Exterior Designing consultancy of Commercial & Residential spaces from the concept to the completion of the whole project. Concept & Completion takes space along with client’s specifications and creates a unique design that meets their needs & wants, often with added extra solutions. We understand that every client, project & budget is different and work very closely with our clients to deliver the design that works best for them.


Final Outcome:

Hellen Crouch


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