Warsteiner to Sample at Grand Designs Live Birmingham

In 1753, farmer Antonius Cramer was asked to pay beer tax for the first time as his home brewing volumes surpassed by some way the volume allowed for personal consumption. Little did he know that his actions would kick-start a long-standing brewing tradition in Warstein – a small town located in the middle of the beautiful Arnsberg forest, in the heart of Germany’s Sauerland region.

This tradition of brewing excellence was passed down from generation to generation until in 1927 Albert Cramer, Antonius’s great grandson, discovered the Kaiserquelle – a natural reserve of extra-soft water in the Arnsberg forest and changed our production process forever. Today the soft water of the Kaiserquelle still feeds the water tanks of the Warsteiner Brewery, and contributes to its unique taste.

Although Warsteiner is now sold all over the world, our brewing process is as meticulous as ever, presided over by ninth generation owner Catharina Cramer. Only the best hops from the renowned Hallertau region of Bavaria are combined with the finest Summer barley malt and the soft Kaiserquelle waters in strict accordance The German Purity Law of 1516, to create the outstanding pale golden Warsteiner Premium Pilsner being showcased at Grand Designs Live in 2019.

Visit our bar in the Grand Kitchens & Bathroom cafe, enjoy a sample of our clean, refreshing, perfectly balanced beer, poured to perfection by Beer Sommelier Thomas Wijns and enter our quiz to win a Warsteiner bottle opener.


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