Why visit Under The Hammer

Under The Hammer started back in 2018, but has grown rapidly to become an online property platform trusted by hundreds of estate agents across the UK with a unique take on not just traditional property auctions, but also an enhanced e-commerce approach to private treaty sales as well.

As the name suggests, Under The Hammer is primarily an online property auction site, and is a platform that combines the instant security behind traditional auctions and instant exchange. With the flexibility of 56 days to complete, the platform boosts a listing’s appeal to more buyers by being able to bid anywhere, anytime.

Under The Hammer also offers Secure Now, a revolutionary instant private treaty sales service. Buyers looking to purchase a property listed under Secure Now can secure the property instantly at the push of a button and the payment of an exclusivity deposit. At that point a contract to purchase is made and the transaction is secured, with no chance of being gazumped!

As well as finding out more about these, we will be selling properties throughout Grand Designs LIVE Birmingham. Auctions will be concluding throughout the exhibition live on the main screen at the Grand Theatre, and properties can be bid on and secured instantly through Secure Now either at our stand, or online by visiting our website

As a little added bonus too, one visitor to the Under The Hammer stand will win an iPad. All you have to do is come by the Under The Hammer stand, receive a padlock combination from us, and if it unlocks the safe - you get the prize - so be sure to stop by!

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