Modular housing specialists ‘Built & Spaces’ to showcase at Grand Designs Live 2019

Modern Method of Construction (MMC) specialist Built & Spaces are to exhibit at the Grand Designs Live exhibition in October 2019 as the Modern Method of Construction movement gathers pace. The award winning home event for ideas, inspiration and expert advice is scheduled for 9-13 October at the Birmingham NEC.

Built & Spaces will be showcasing their innovative approach to construction through a 200 square-metre interactive space that’s custom designed for Grand Designs Live. Visitors will be able to take a tour through ‘Blue Steel’ - a fully constructed space, built originally as a stand-alone compact home, and reconfigured for Grand Designs Live using the Built & Spaces highly adaptable and sustainable method.

The showcase will have an editorial approach at its heart. Visitors will be able to see first-hand how this building method works, with open-sided structures, exposed wall panels and girders, giving a behind-the-scenes view. Throughout the exhibition there will be examples of the materials used and the processes that are followed so visitors can learn about the modern methods of construction.

In a walk-through tour, visitors will see the full picture from raw materials, design and construction methodology, individual components to the complete finished home.

The interactive exhibit will also feature a Built & Spaces Design Studio where visitors can explore configuration options and get hands-on with the plug-and-play component system; giving visitors the chance to conceive and create their own space on a smaller scale and with miniature components.

Built & Spaces consultants will be giving educational talks at the interactive space throughout the 5 days of the Grand Designs Live exhibition.

The editorial exhibit will be linked to a consultancy suite where visitors are able to explore their own personal designs and bring them to life in a rendering studio so they can see first-hand what their projects look like using these methods.

Visitors will be able to book an appointment to discuss their own upcoming projects in person at the exhibit or pre-book before the event closer to the show. Watch this space for how to book.

 Steve Wilkie, Director of Built & Spaces, comments:

“We’re extremely excited to have the opportunity to showcase what we know to be the future of construction. The space is designed to be interactive for visitors, so they leave feeling more knowledgeable of MMC methods.

Many of the visitors to Grand Designs Live will have plans to develop in a traditional way and if we can highlight the alternatives in a positive, educational way then we’ll be pleased.

Our area of the show is all about education with the layout intending on taking visitors on a journey from material selection to project completion. We’re excited to be holding talks periodically throughout the 5-day events on how we approach construction.

With our design studio, consultancy suite and rendering studio we have created a platform for visitors to learn about our methods but then apply them to their own personal designs at the show.

By bringing their own ideas to life, we hope visitors will gain long-lasting impressions and memories of the future of construction, over and above what can be achieved with just a show-and-tell session."

Richard Morey, Managing Director at Grand Designs Live comments:

“Grand Designs Birmingham will see the continuation of the Modern Methods of Construction showcase and we are excited to be partnering with such an innovative modular housing specialist as Built & Spaces, to educate our visitors on all modern methods of construction as well as provide inspiration and alternatives for self builds and custom builds.”


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