Join the Pipe

Join the Pipe believe in the most sustainable hydration out there; tap water. Their vision is to bring the value and power of tap water to everybody, everywhere, for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world.

Join the Pipe’s refill stations are easy to install, low maintenance and help finance water projects overseas. This means that every refill station they install not only brings fresh, local water to the people around it, but also helps deliver fresh, local water to those without in a developing country.

Through their combination of stylish, sustainable refill stations and reusable bottles, Join the Pipe aim to help people cut down on their plastic waste by redefining the way we drink water.

The City Clean-Up project helps tackle plastic soup at source. Together with local governments and schools, Join the Pipe organise City Clean-Ups to educate school children.

At Grand Designs Live London Join the Pipe provided a water tap in the Central Bar. 

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