Grand Designs Live London 2020 will now take place on 1-9 May 2021

Baca Architects at Grand Designs Live London 2018

Baca Architect’s founder, Richard Coutts, will showcase 'Draw my Dream Home' on Saturday 5th May and Monday 7th May at 1:30pm on the Design and Build Forum.

Richard explains: “Many people know what kind of house they’d like to build. They have loads of ideas buzzing around their head… but they’ve no idea how to translate these into a practical brief for their builder. At the show I will explain how an architect can assist in the planning process to add value to your project, and I will sketch out site constraints and illustrate a number of solutions. Much of the session is an open mic, where I will take questions from the audience and provide sketch ideas live in front of you. Many of these ideas from previous Grand Design Live shows have gone on to become real homes and I will end the session by showing some of my favourites.

Baca Architect’s are known for their innovative and versatile design approach and their award winning Amphibious House featured on Grand Designs, season 11.


Sometimes only something special will do. In the UK, under special circumstances, Planning allow very special homes to be built in the open countryside. Richard Coutts, founder of Baca Architects specialises in such homes. These homes could replace old farm buildings or are new inventions in the countryside in the spirit of the English Country House. Designs need to be of  architectural merit and showcase the forefront of sustainable innovation.


Designs for a flood resilient eco house in Oxfordshire. The new house is located within a conservation area and subject to height restrictions.

The elegant elevated family home sits alongside a small brook in a leafy garden site. The design was carefully developed to find a solution that was safe from flooding, preserved the mature trees on the site and was broken down in mass to compliment local building types. The building is clad in larch as a rainscreen, with routed planks to act as integrated solar shading and maximise daylight into the interior.

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