Grand Designs Live London 2020 will now take place on 1-9 May 2021

Vybra Solutions at Grand Designs Live

Vybra Solutions offer high quality Swiss air treatment units for homes and offices. Pollution today is on the rise, and the conditions inside your home can be up to 5 x worse than the air quality outside. With dust, chemicals, and particles having nowhere to go, they are inevitably breathed in to our bodies and can worsen current health conditions and cause new ones.

Boneco air purifiers are approved for being some of the best devices for removing dust, pollen, gases, fumes, pet dander, odours, cooking smells and allergens from the air, actually up to 99% of particles. Removing this pollution from the air benefits all of us, and our future health, but especially helps those with Hay fever, Asthma, Allergies, Respiratory Disease, and Eczema.

The correct humidity is also crucial in the home. If the air is too damp we can suffer with bacteria, dust mites and fungi, and if the air is too dry we suffer from germ spreading, dry skin, restricted airways. Having good humidity can help to moisturise the skin, help blocked sinuses, and help with snoring and a better night’s sleep, and generally staying well. Good humidity is also beneficial to your pet’s skin, house plants, wooden furniture and musical instruments. The balance of clean air and humidity is vital for a healthy home, and healthy family.

This year we are also introducing the Airvida Wearable Purifier to protect you from pollen, pollution, cigarette smoke and bacteria whilst travelling outside.

Visit Vybra Solutions on stand L340 at Grand Designs Live London

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