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An increasing number of people are looking to create extra space in their homes and gardens, not only to maximise their space but also add value to their lives & property. The number of ways in which a modern Yurt can be used is growing all the time - the only limit is your imagination! A Yurt is a traditional dwelling, having a 21st-century renaissance. With the addition of log burners and insulation, you can use your Yurt all year-round.

Whether you need a short-term solution or a long-term installation, there’s a Yurt to suit your needs. Spacious, precision-built and friendly to the environment, a Yurt is an elegantly simple and affordable way to add extra space to your property, whilst also avoiding complex planning permission. Inspired by getting people outdoors, our team of highly experienced Yurt makers are on hand to help you find the Yurt that's right for you. Choose from our extensive range, and we can also help you design your ultimate Yurt with our bespoke service. Your Yurt can be designed, made and delivered to you ready to use within 8 weeks (allow up to 16 weeks for a bespoke build).

Here are 10 ways a Yurt could be used in your Garden:



Designed to give you even more enjoyment from the great outdoors, our Yurts are ideally suited for creating an extra living space in your garden. A place to relax and enjoy the view, simply to read and enjoy the peace, to toast the sunset with friends, a spot of al fresco dining, making the most of those long summer days.

Having an outdoor space that’s adaptable, spacious and comfortable, as well as warm & dry when you need it to be, means you can spend quality time with friends & family for many years to come. Our Yurts can also be fitted out with log burners and pressed wool insulation to keep you cosy in autumn & winter.



Commute less, live more. Flexible working is the biggest change in work since factories. We no longer need to commute every day, and there are a whole host of benefits to working from home, particularly from a health and wellbeing perspective as well as from an environmental perspective.

A Yurt is a cost-effective and super stylish way to expand the space in your home, giving you a secluded, calm, private and comfortable office space to run your business, or work from home successfully. With the clean finish of our signature curved-top ash doors and steam bent frames, the use of high-grade canvas combined with high-end craftsmanship techniques, our elegant Yurt design not only gives you the wow factor (should you need to meet with your clients) but also sends out a positive image of your company.

Our expert Yurt makers can work with you to tailor the design of your Yurt precisely to meet your needs: this could be colour matching the canvas to your company's colours, or adapting the floor plan to suit your interior requirements and business needs.

Working from home is also an effective means of managing your carbon footprint instantly, as you cut down on your transportation time too - welcome to the 30-second commute!



If you want a structure that truly soars, our Yurts show how straight lines and soft curves can exist in perfect harmony: ignite your inspiration, loose your inner muse and really get your creative juices going in your own peaceful art studio or gallery space.

The central crown allows an abundance of natural light to pour in from above, creating a light and airy space that’s perfect for painting. The canvas wall sections can be removed to extend the panoramic view and to let more light in, perhaps inviting a gentle breeze into space. The wooden frame is also ideal for hanging your work for all to see.



A space for professional musicians, budding band members, music teachers or enthusiasts to play, record and practice music to their heart's content, without any fear of disturbing family or neighbours. All set up ready for an impromptu open mic night too! The canvas wall sections can easily be removed to allow a gentle breeze to circulate when the crowd goes wild!



The soft feminine curves combined with the masculine straight lines create a space with stunning aesthetics that’s also perfectly energetically balanced, providing a comfortable space for your practice.

For the holistic practitioner, it’s also the ideal space to run your business. You’ll create a treatment experience they’ll never forget!



The need for an extra bedroom is the driving force behind many a house move, whether you have a growing family or require overnight guest accommodation from time to time.

Why not list it on AirBnB when you’re not using it? Or how about Glamping in your back garden: throw your own festival and beat the toilet queues!



Space where everyone can let loose and do their own thing without disturbing the rest of the house - watch the match, play pool or video games, maybe set up a projector for movie night - you name it, there are no rules here!



A Yurt playroom could be the ideal solution for a growing family - a safe space for the kids to let off some steam whilst you can relax and enjoy a clutter-free home. The soft, gentle curves of a Yurt can be great for children with learning difficulties, who can feel intimidated or uncomfortable in more open spaces.



Allow your green-fingered imagination to blossom! A yurt provides a practical, natural, as well as aesthetically pleasing alternative to a traditional glass greenhouse. Light pours in through the canvas, facilitating excellent plant growth. The crown space allows ventilation and moderation for excess heat. The circular framework also provides support for all sorts of plants and herbs.



How about a yurt for working on the nitty-gritty for that project that needs completing? Your space to disappear into the depths of sorting out the actuator, pulling apart the brake-pads on the bike, sticking together the last piece of the model boat or fixing the kitchen chair. The only limit is your imagination…



Inspired by the great outdoors, and motivated by a vision of high-quality craftsmanship at our core, Yurts for Life designs and manufactures precision-built, world-class luxurious Yurts in the heart of Devonshire Countryside, providing elegant & multi-functional spaces that help people make the most of their surroundings.

Produced from the highest quality materials and adapted for all-year-round use, a Yurt is the crowning glory of your garden. The number of ways in which a modern Yurt can be used is growing all the time. Not only are they spacious, environmentally friendly and multi-functional, they can also improve the quality of your life. Our team of highly experienced Yurt makers are on hand to help you choose the Yurt that's right for you, or help you design the bespoke Yurt of your dreams.


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