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Internorm, the leading window brand in Europe

Internorm, the leading window brand in Europe, offers high quality low-energy and Passive House window and door systems.


Internorm is the leading manufacturer of low energy and passive house windows & doors.

Their aim is to lower the carbon emission through the best high tech window and glass technology currently on the market. They offer a wide range of custom made windows, doors, roller shutters and blinds at a competitive price. Internorm, based in Austria, is the largest international name for window and door production, setting the highest standards for Quality, Design and Innovation.

The company, which has been offering innovation solutions based on the traditional engineering for over 80 years, has made more than 21 million window units. From the first UPVC window to today's Timber/Aluminium high tech windows and doors Internorm has always placed enormous emphasis on quality, design and innovation, making its products the benchmark across Europe.

With product’s offering exceptional technical qualities combined with superior energy, acoustic and security performance, the company’s extensive offering includes UPVC, and UPVC/aluminium windows, in addition to timber/aluminium windows.

The UPVC and UPVC/aluminium range, which is available in a wide choice of designs and colour options, have excellent thermal performance with Uw values up to 0.74W/m2K. As a result, specifiers can take advantage of a completely unique window specification that is bespoke according to the performance and aesthetic requirements of the project in hand.

Customers who choose timber/aluminium designs benefit from further environmental credentials, with exceptional Uw values of up to 0.63W/m2K, in addition to the aesthetic qualities timber provides. This combined with exceptional energy performance makes timber/aluminium ideal for both traditional as well as contemporary projects. The range also offers a choice of either spruce or larch timber interior finishes. The performance of Internorm’s timber/aluminium windows is enhanced by an innovative composite construction that incorporates a highly insulating thermal foam.

Additional features unique to Internorm include Fix-O-Round technology, a continuous all-round fixing for the window pane, providing a continuous connection for the glazing with the window frame. The benefits are improved stability, thermal insulation and soundproofing, burglary protection and greater durability of the window unit for its entire lifespan.

In addition, a choice of glazing is also available including SOLAR+ glass, a specialist thermal coating, available on all triple glazed windows as standard. SOLAR+ triple glazing maximises the potential energy gains provided through solar irradiation. It prevents subsequent heat loss through the window with very low Ug values, helping to maintain a comfortable, carbon and energy efficient interior environment that is also cost effective for the user.

Other additional features include I-tec Shading, a specialist self-powered solar blind, which is the perfect option when electricity supply is unavailable. Also, part of the I-tec range is I-tec Ventilation, which is the first of its kind in the UK. The I-tec ventilator, which is completely integrated into the new Home Pure KF 500 window system, is equipped with an integrated MVHR- heat recovery system that reduces energy losses to a minimum through the achieved 86% heat recovery. This system ensures that the occupants within a building have a constant supply of fresh air.

For further information on Internorm’s products and service, visit or follow @internormuk on Facebook & Twitter.

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