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Accanto Interiors Design a Room Set for Grand Designs Live London 2018

The draw of nature to peoples otherwise hectic modern lives particularly in urban environments never ceases to surprise. Often, there is almost a prehistoric need to feel to be connected to nature in some way whether through plenty of natural light entering a room, textures of wood and other materials and colour to imitate flowers or a wonderful sunset.

It is this deep routed connection with nature which guided our room design in Grand designs Excel London. The Accanto Interiors team drew inspiration from 3 elements of nature. The greens of the land, the blues of the sea and the warm yellow imitating the sun in the sky. It is the combination across land, sea and air which provides a diverse colour pallet as well as textures to choose from.

Our room set aims to inspire visitors to bring more natural prints and unique finishes into their home. Our colour pallet is based on nature with the selected colours rich, confident and elegant.

The natural and organic appeal of elements in the space aim to make people feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed.

Lighting is an important factor of any room and not easy to get right. Like light moving across a forest floor or dancing across a running stream, the team was inspired by light in nature and its effect on colours. In this design we have used colour in an exciting way through coloured lighting. When switched on, the lighting transforms the room.

By thinking how nature can influence how we feel and capturing aspects of nature in our room design the Accanto Interiors team were able to create a room that not only looks visually pleasing but also aims to have a positive effect on people’s mood.


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