Central Bar Installation

Foldability is a creative studio in London run by artist and designer Kyla McCallum, who creates set design and products inspired by origami and geometry. For the Central Bar Kyla has produced a paper art installation, Increments, made from hand-crafted origami sculptures. The pleated shapes are suspended in a circular arrangement that forms a gradient in both height and colour.


“The inspiration for the Central Bar installation came from black and white vintage photos of twisting staircases from the 20’s and 30’s. The folded shapes are formed in a similar way to catch the light and create interesting tonal variations on the surface of the paper. To keep in line with Grand Designs eco-conscious approach, the folded pieces were created using papers made from environment-friendly ECF pulp and recycled fibres." - Kyla McCallum


Instagram and Twitter: @Foldability


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