Trish Coggans


Outshine Interiors journey started with a little girl called Trish, that’s me ???? As a child if I could, I would spend all day long colouring in – I LOVED MY COLOURING PENCILS. As a teenager on a Saturday, you would find me in HABITAT – all day long!Now at College I was more into acting and I wanted to be an Actress, but it wasn’t to be or not to be! For 30+ years my career path took a very different road, but those creative dreams, those colouring pencils never left me.So in 2015 now very very grown up ???? I Set off on an ADVENTURE. Scared but determined I found my colouring pencils again – I founded OUTSHINE INTERIORS.I have so many Chapters as yet unwritten, so I am thrilled and honoured to have a Chapter titled -“Hollywood Glamour meets Grand Designs Live STARRING Outshine Interiors” There’s a Movie in there I reckon ????  I’d love you to see my design so come and say Hello, Trish x                                


Outshine Interiors:    

Outshine Interiors story started with a painting of Mona Lisa. Most people when painting their homes usually by a tin of paint. Not my father, my father painted the biggest Mona Lisa you’ve ever seen, it’s true, at the top of the stairs and it was HUGE! So you see Outshine Interiors creative genes were already sown from my gem of a father.Outshine was a late starter though and it wasn’t until 2015 that I was very excited to discover the House Dr Training and a wonderful mentor in Annie Doherty who gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. So in 2016 Outshine Interiors story unfolded – a story of Interior Design, Home Staging, Oh and Outshine Interiors LOVES TO PARTY too! Yes you heard that right – Unique & Special to Outshine are Interior Design Party’s that you HOST in your own home, they’re fun & inspirational xOutshine still in it’s infancy LOVES to continue to grow & explore so alongside my House Dr Training Outshine is very proud to have completed: The Power of Colour -  KLC School of Design, National Design Academy Course in Visual Presentation and Colour Psychology for Creatives – The Brand Stylist.Outshine Interiors is located in Nottinghamshire but we LOVE to travel so I would be delighted if you were to be a part of Outshines Story, a next Chapter,  let’s colour & paint that Mona Lisa, shall we –Trish x 

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