Maria Gratsova


Founder and Creative Director Maria Gratsova has a KLC School of Design education and freelance design experience under her belt. Her previous life in the Financial industry (as well as a degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics) means all projects are conducted systematically and efficiently, both with regard to time and budget. Maria won’t come to you with monotonous and generic schemes, as she makes sure that every project is unique and tailored to the client. Maria speaks several European languages, is well travelled and enjoys sport and outdoor activities. When not designing she is either chasing after her two little boys or reading and writing on design.


Bright Designs:

If you feel that your home could do with more colour, but don’t quite know where to start, then you have come to the right place. We will breathe fresh life into your home, with a focus on bringing your personality out in the space you spend so much time in. 

However it’s not just our love of colour that makes us Bright. We believe that Interior Design is about more than how the space looks, but how the space works and what impact it has on its users.

We strive to create spaces that are designed but comfortable, fresh and vibrant. We draw inspiration from just about everywhere and everything: travel, nature, art, the urban environment… and you, our clients. 

The aesthetics are important, but our starting point for every design project is functionality and practicality — we want to make your space work harder for you. With up-to-date supplier knowledge, we curate the huge amount of materials and products out there for your needs. We have a special interest in sustainable and healthy design practices, and would love to apply these principles to your home too.

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