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MusicCloth® is a hand-woven cloth which made of discarded cassette tapes and video tapes. Tapes are collected from various sources and woven by our artisan. The tapes consist of polyester film with metallic coatings, which would otherwise be considered a waste material. The material is woven in a basket weave pattern, which allows stability and durability. Cloth edge finished in a smooth finishing. Each MusicCloth® owns its own unique colours and patterns. This material is light weight, sound absorbing and highly water resistance. Each piece of MusicCloth® results as an effort to reduce and eliminate e-waste, while giving the product new life.

MusicCloth® swatches have been stored and are available in Material ConneXion world wide libraries (Product Number: MC 7654-01) & University of Pennsylvania material lab. This material has been exhibited at TEDx as one of the idea worth spreading. RedDot 21 also included MusicCloth® as one of the excellent 21st-century world of design.

Website: www.rehyphen.org 

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