Grand Designs Live London 2020 will now take place on 22-31 August

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Kevin's Green Heroes

Every year Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes celebrate the best conceptual and eco-friendly construction ideas. Kevin personally selects his top heroes for each show, from small-scale start-ups to big businesses setting a green example for the rest of the industry. This year the feature will celebrate its 10 year anniversary at the event. Discover where some of the heroes are now, as five selected companies return to feature their products.


If you would like your concept or product to be considered for one of Kevin's Green Heroes, please contact us to find out more about how you can get involved.


Discover the new heroes which will appear at Grand Designs Live London 2020:

That's Caffeine

That’s Caffeine Demitasu is a coffee table made of coffee grounds. Demitasu in Japanese stands for a small coffee cup. The first range of That’s Caffeine products have a similar design language of conical base representing earthing or grounding and stem reaching…

4eco Limited

Biofase products are cutlery, straws and cocktail stirrers made predominantly of avocado seeds. They are produced in Mexico as this country is the bigges producer of avocados in the world. The seeds used to be discarded and are now reutilised to produce…

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