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Kevin's Green Heroes

Every year, Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes celebrates the best conceptual and eco-friendly construction ideas. Kevin personally selects his top heroes for each show, from small-scale start-ups to big businesses setting a green example for the rest of the industry.


Look out for this year's new heros, which will be exclusively revealed by our headline media partner, The Times & The Sunday Times in April


Discover the heroes that will be returning to Grand Designs Live London 2019:

Yirego Corp's Drumi

Drumi is a foot powered washing machine. It uses zero electricity and very little water. No more hand washing your delicates or personal item. Drumi can wash and spin dry one load in just 5 minutes. Maximum washing capacity is 2kg. Small,…


The Voronoi range is inspired by the mathematical patterns found in nature and encompasses the Voronoi I, Voronoi II and Voronoi III. The light’s distinguishing shape is derived from the unique voronoi arrangements seen amongst forest canopies. Tala embarked on the design…


SCOBY: growing packaging is a project inspired by the vegetable farming. Plants are subjected to standardization tests just like objects. The farmer is more and more an engineer and the farm becomes a factory. So, is it possible that mass-produced things will…


MusicCloth® is a hand-woven cloth which made of discarded cassette tapes and video tapes. Tapes are collected from various sources and woven by our artisan. The tapes consist of polyester film with metallic coatings, which would otherwise be considered a waste material. The material…

Margent Farm

Our product is a Hemp based alternative to plastic, metal and cement board. At Margent Farm we grow industrial hemp which gives us huge eco value over traditional materials with very large carbon sequestration. The natural high cellulose content (60-70%) of the…

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