Central Bar Installation

Image: Central Bar Installation featured at Grand Designs Live London 2018, designed by Stella Corrall of Lucentia Design


Out of sight, Out of Mind, Central Bar Installation

Stella Corrall of Lucentia Design, has always been passionate about well-being and sustainability. This has led her to develop processes with technical challenges and process refinements to recycle niche plastic waste. Originally developed for products, these bespoke materials are also now used in her artworks. By presenting aesthetically desirable recycled materials she aims to raise  awareness around plastic waste and challenge its perceived value.

This Central Bar installation for Grand Designs Live will be created from a range of non-readily recycled domestic plastic waste to collected beach waste. Stella is linking with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and their Living Seas ‘Waves of Waste’ beach cleans to use collected plastics for recycling into the installation. This personal connection to her nearest coastline will highlight how much everyday plastic is littered and pulled in by the tide.

Out of sight, Out of Mind’ aims to fuel conversations about how we need to shift attitudes to respect plastics not despise it. There is no ‘away’ with this fantastic and incredibly durable material, we must not discard it, it is a precious resource so the need to reuse, collect and recycle it is paramount. 

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