Entrance Installation

PDC Scaffolding supplied scaffolding for the front entrance feature at Grand Designs Live.

Embracing the shows eco-ethos the entrance installation materials were carefully selected to ensure they are from a recycled source.

The four hero products represent the sections of the show, each product is made from recycled plastic, and are recyclable after they have outlasted their functional use.



Company: GCL Products

Product: X-Grid

X-Grid is a ground reinforcement grid manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic waste. Able to withstand up to 428 tonnes per sqm it is a versatile, durable, weather resistant and easy to install product. X-Grid is used to create gravel driveways, car parks, garden building bases, access routes & more.

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Kitchen & Bathrooms

Company: Birchwood trading

Product: Recycled multiwall polycarbonate

Recycled multiwall polycarbonate sheet has recycled polycarbonate in its manufacture. It has the same manufacturing tolerances and load strength as sheet made with virgin resin. It is an enormously versatile material and comes in sheets up to 7 meters long as displayed on this feature and it is manufactured in the UK.


Company: Camera Fabrics

Product: Xtreme

Xtreme is a modern crepe weave fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, diverting waste from landfill and saving virgin raw materials. Its stretch properties, coupled with inherent flame resistance, durability and non-pilling properties make Xtreme an ever popular fabric for task seating.


Company: Enviro Build

Product: Plastic Lumber

Manticore Lumber is a highly versatile wood alternative, made from 100% recycled plastic using plastic waste that is unusable in conventional recycling processes. This completely maintenance free material can be worked like wood and has the added benefit of saving you over the years having to replace and treat old timber. By taking unrecyclable plastic waste and turning it into a long-life product, we are diverting this material from landfill and giving a second life to materials which are routinely thrown away.

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