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Wildlife Forest

At Grand Designs Live London a Wildlife Forest was creatred to show visitors how and where to create wildlife friendly environments, in whatever outdoor space you have to work with, from a 7-acre plot to a 5sm balcony.


Do you know the truth about wildlife? Put your knowledge to the test.

An interactive quiz was provided by Friends of the Earth to see if visitors could tell what was fact from fiction . In the last 40 years world-wide animal populations have declined by more than a 50%, but most of us still underestimate the number of species under threat, including UK wildlife.

Where are you going to be creating your wildlife friendly environment?

An interactive map of the UK was provided so that visitors could place their finger on the map to show where people are supporting the Green Finger Campaign. Visitors will recieve information on the state of nature of your area and the best actions to take. Plus, collect a free packet of Cornflower seeds to sow in your garden, supplied by British Wildflower Meadow Seeds (Habitat Aid Ltd).

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The Design & Build Forum hosted a number of live talks and demonstrations throughout the show. On Sunday 12 May Friends of the Earth took over the stage to provide interactive workshops and demonstrations, to help you learn more about how you can create a wildlife friendly environment at home.

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