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Feona Man Shan CHENG


Feona Cheng has a career designing hotels across the world. She brings those skills and experience into the residential projects she works upon to create unique homes perfectly suited to the people who live in them. As an Architect and Interior Designer she offers the seamless vision from major building works to special interiors and set-piece furniture with the delight of a truly individual home.


Advises on:

Our portfolio includes housing and houses: one off, conversions and refurbishments, as well as boutique hotels and serviced apartments.


Linedota Architects:

Linedota Architects was founded by Feona Cheng and Christopher Hill. We have worked on a wide range of projects in the UK and internationally. We offer client focused and design orientated service. We undertake planning, new build and conservation projects. Our projects are technically accomplished which is a source of satisfaction both to us, and our clients.


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