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2 - 6 OCTOBER 2024


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Biodesign, the Mending Hub and Waste Materials in Green Living Live at Grand Designs Live

Coming to Grand Designs Live London (for the third time) is an enthusiastic cohort of 20+ Green Grads. Founded in 2021 by design editor Barbara Chandler (known for her long-running pages in London’s the Evening Standard), Green Grads is a platform for recent graduates of UK Universities whose final projects have in some way addressed one or more of a wide range of eco-issues.

New for 2024 is a trail-blazing installation by Green Grads of revolutionary ideas for biodesign, the new over-arching trend. Here designers learn from nature, to work with its living organisms, embrace its systems, and or/to use natural resources for new biomaterials.

Stars here are carbon-guzzling algae, featured in a new paint that grows, “living furniture” and a stunning green building facade. Mycelium too play their part – grow a house albeit slowly. Biomaterials utilise potato peelings and more, and also featured are age-old resources such as plant dyes and native timbers. There is even a stool/table “designed by mealworms.” Yes, really. Creative use of waste is another fascinating feature, with a table made of 10,000 discarded chopsticks, and ceramics made of new waste materials. Also on show, a fully-functioning heating mat for refugees, which should be shortly available worldwide. Enthusiastically interactive are the girls at the Mending Hub, who will darn, stitch and make throughout the show. Just bring along your torn or holey garments, or remake an item from their stash of old clothes.

GREEN GRADS: because today's graduates are tomorrow's planet

Green Grads, now in its third year, was founded in 2021 by design editor Barbara Chandler, @sunnygran, known for her long-running pages in the London Evening Standard. Co-director and show orchestrator is Michael Czerwinski of Studio Tucktite, @tucktite, who is long experienced in events/fairs/media. They say: “Our vision is to fuel UK environmental action with new talent from UK Universities.” There are now 150 Green Grads listed on their website.

They come from a wide range of disciplines, from art to engineering, additionally including product and furniture design, materials innovation, animation, graphics, ceramics, glass, textiles, fashion, interior design and architecture.

Green Grads operate in many different ways. They might choose to tackle one or more of the following issues:

nurturing nature, inventing materials, designing to last, eliminating waste, restoring and repairing, recycling and “closing loops” for a more circular economy, capturing carbon, saving energy, fighting pollution, conserving resources, and/or rescuing species. www.greengrads.co.uk; @greengradsuk



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