29 APRIL - 7 MAY 2023

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4 - 8 OCTOBER 2023


29 APRIL - 7 MAY 2023


5 - 9 OCTOBER 2022

Exhibitor Videos

Exhibitor Videos

  • Rattan garden furniture set 
  • ABC+ Warranty Virtual Stand

    05 Oct 2022 Miss E L Ewen
  • LoftRobe Ltd.

    04 Oct 2022 Stephanie Farrugia

    Automated storage solutions.


    British Inventor and Patent Owner: Mr. James Eames 

  • The Big Picture - Sound Proof Barn Timelapse

    03 Oct 2022 The Big Picture

    Our client's new property included a barn he wanted to convert to a cinema. His key concern was prevention of sound transmission; wanting to play sound at reference levels without losing quality.

  • The complete guide to Charlie Oven

    01 Oct 2022 Neil Quick

    Neil (Co-founder) takes a deep-dive explaining everything you could possibily need know. 

  • Charlie in Action

    01 Oct 2022
  • ceramic table grey

    29 Sep 2022
    ceramic dining table grey 
  • ceramic table

    29 Sep 2022
    white ceramic table
  • Raynman Uses Rainwater Harvesting

    28 Sep 2022 Rob Cooper

    Raynman uses Rainwater Harvesting in his home rather than mains drinking water.

  • Why Choose Us?

    28 Sep 2022 Rob Cooper

    Why choose us for your rainwater harvesting system?

  • El Fuego Eco Fire Pits

    27 Sep 2022 Tim Jeffs

    Big Flame and No Wood Smoke. The Revolutionary El Fuego burns 100% eco-friendly vegetable wax which produces a large, hypnotic, and therapeutic flame providing amazing heat.

  • Alfresco Vita Tutto Grande

    23 Sep 2022 Christopher Morgan
  • The Bay Fireplace Insert is designed for single room installation and features three open sides that enable the hypnotic flame to be viewed from the front and both left and right sides, providing an a ...
  • Addagrip Ecoheat Surfacing

    22 Sep 2022 Addagrip Terraco Ltd

    Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing is an innovative, ‘first of its kind’ thermal energy harvesting resin bound permeable paving solution generating free hot water for residential and commercial properties.

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  • Studio Charrette
  • Grand Designs mag subscription
  • Quooker
  • OVO Energy
  • Internorm


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