Why your project will benefit from choosing a landscape designer who has experience working with architects.

Original article by Studio 31 Landscape and Garden

Here are a number of reasons why it will benefit your project to work with a landscape designer who has experience of working alongside architects. 

- It can increase your projects chances of gaining planning permission.

Though most reputable architects are adept at being able to guide you through the planning process, the landscape strategy can also be used to mitigate against any concerns the local authority may have regarding the building or indeed some of the planning conditions attached to it. A good landscape architect will have experience of navigating this system alongside your architect to not only fulfil your wish list but also help you get the vitally important “granted” stamp on your project.

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- The landscape will complement your building.

So often, houses are built which can be architecturally exemplar, but they sit within gardens or landscapes that aren’t able to do the building justice. The ideal landscape is an extension of your home, so rather than being after thought, it can become another room. Collaborative landscape and architecture design will create greater links between inside and outside. A building and landscape that work in harmony will not only bring your whole scheme together but increase both the emotional and financial value of your home. Don’t believe us? There is research which suggests a well-designed garden can add as much as 20% to the value of your home.

- The landscape can be an initial softener.

The nature of buildings is that when they are first built, they can take some time to settle into their surroundings. Good landscape design can help this process. The immediate and wider landscape around your building should help it begin to look like it belongs. This may help not only you to settle into your new home but also your local community to accepting its latest architectural addition. 

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- It will probably save you money.

Many people, quite logically, believe, that they should budget for the house first and once that is built, focus on designing the landscape. This makes rational sense but surprisingly can end up being more financially expensive. What many people don’t know, is that if you plan your building and landscape concurrently, much of the groundwork and services for the garden can be done at the same time as the work for your building. When you come to design your landscape, it will need to include plans for things like levels, drainage, lighting, water features and perhaps even irrigation. Getting to the detailed design stage for your landscape before you start work onsite for your building will therefore, very likely, save you both considerable time and money in the long run.


Still aren’t sure about the pros of working with a landscape architect so early on in your project? Studio 31 landscape and garden design can be found close to the entrance of the Grand Gardens section (stand G2), come and chat to us there.  Consultations can also be booked via the Grand Designs Ask the Expert Panel.

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