How to keep your self-build project moving during the Coronavirus

Discover the top tips for making sure that your self-build project stays on track during these uncertain times.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Kenelm Cornwall-Legh from Run Project, an independent project management firm, shares his top tips on how to keep the momentum of your self-build project moving:

Allow for longer lead times

With isolation measures in place and fewer people in the workforce being available, it is to be expected that the movement of goods will incur longer production, handling and delivery time, than previously. Plan ahead and allow more time for any orders to arrive on site.

Phase your project

Consider splitting up your project into areas. Whilst this will add additional time and cost initially, further down the line, it will actually save you money and keep the property habitable whilst the project running smoothly.

Enforce a hygiene regime

Your project will require you to mix with a number of people, which potentially could be carrying viruses/bacteria, which could delay your project with any interference. When entering and leaving the site, your workforce should wash their hands with warm and soapy water, for 20 seconds at a time. It is also recommended for hand sanitisers to be placed around the site and for any regularly used items to be wiped down. This includes doors, handles, cups etc. at the end of the working day.

Help with your contractors cashflow

Consider agreeing to weekly or fortnightly valuations, to ensure the work undertaken is paid to the contractor in these uncertain times to de-risk your position.

Explore off site work

Although not applicable for all work, including labour, but exploring what work can be done from a remote location will decrease the risk of any problems on site. For example, if you are using an architect, they may be able to update designs and answer any questions about the project remotely. You could also look to decrease the amount of time in which your project manager spends at the site.

Support local businesses

Due to the reduction in social interaction, many small local businesses, including building firms, decorators and landscapers, may find themselves in a position of risk of going out of business. It is now a key time to support any local firms, whilst abiding to any government guidelines. So if you’re looking to get any minor work done, now is the time.

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