What is the one item in your kitchen you need, but is usually the last decision?

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So you’re sat with your kitchen designer. You have a list at the ready of items you want. Whether that’s a cooker, a style of cabinets or the latest sink on the market. The one item people don’t usually have on there? An extractor.

Now, hear us out. We know hoods aren’t the most exciting products for some people, but this could be a deal breaker at your next evening dinner. Picture this, you have evening guests around. You’re cooking a beautiful Cajun salmon with rosemary sweet potato wedges. The smoke from the salmon is quickly filling up the room, and with the right extractor this is no problem. But get the extractor wrong and that lovely smell of cajun salmon starts to soak into your guests clothes making your brand new show stopping kitchen into a vacant room.

At Faber we have four essential steps to consider when advising someone on choosing their extractor hood:

1. Re-circulated or Ducted?

We hear you, what does this mean? This is the method of how the fumes from your cooking are dealt with.

- Re-circulated hoods are when a carbon filter is fiOed inside the hood and cleans the extracted cooking air before expelling it back into the kitchen.

Ducted hoods are the most effecCve at extracCng cooker fumes, odours and steam as the air is drawn directly outside. DucCng is more visual but is usually hidden by a chimney which we provide. Not every hood has both options - so this is something to consider before setting your heart on a parCcular style.

GLAM FIT 80 BK 330.0528.269

GLAM FIT BK80 no chimney 1200x800

2. Size of your hood

When selecCng the size of the hood you need to consider the hob beneath. We give out a general rule of thumb that your hood should be at least the same width as the hob. However, some hoods have perimeter extracCon technology meaning your hood may be smaller than the hob. This is something we would advise you to look further into

C GLAM FIT 55 WH 330.0528.301

3. Size of your room

In simple terms the bigger your room is, the higher extracCon rate your hood will need to do it’s job correctly. The extracCon rate is determined by the volume of your kitchen and the concept that a cooker hood working correctly will change the air approximately 10 Cmes an hour.

 At Faber we recommend this simple formula is used to work out the minimum extracCon rate for your kitchen.

Minimum Extrac9on Rate = Kitchen M2 X Kitchen Heigh (M) x 10 Changes of air

Working out a hood that works effecCvely on the lowest seQng is important to reflect you using on a normal daily basis.

Grexia Lifetsyle LR

4. Style

Finally, the easy part. The final decision is the style, ensuring it suits your beautifully designed kitchen. This could be anything from a show stopping island hood, a contemporary wall hood, a flush ceiling hood or an invisible integrated hood.

CHLOE Dark Grey Matt 110.0458.989 Lifestyle Image

There we have it. You are now you’re fully equipped to pick the perfect hood for your stunning new kitchen. Enjoy, and good luck!

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