How to pick the perfect range cooker...

When choosing your range cooker, there are several options to consider. At ILVE we want to make sure that you can see the possible options out there to ensure it fits perfectly with you and your lifestyle.


Range cookers come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you measure the space of where you plan on fitting your cooker, leaving a few millimetres each size (for wiggle room) . Not all brands have a wide variety of widths, so make sure you check this first.

If it’s a new kitchen you’re having fitted, you may want to consider your hob configuration first.At ILVE we have 5 available choices of hob configurations including: gas burners, fry top, full induction hob and a coup de feu. It all depends on your style of cooking!


So you’re brand new kitchen may be off to a great start in your mind. But you want to make sure that the style of your range cooker fits in perfectly with the rest of your decor. The style of a range cooker can differ from knobs, handles and the shape of the cooker - whether it has straight or curved edges. Contemporary or traditional, there is a style out there to fit your space. At ILVE we have both contemporary and traditional as well as an American sized cookers.

Hob Configuration

At some point you will have used a gas burner, this is where you ignite the burner to create a flame to heat your pan. Over the years more options have become available to suit how you cook, whether thats using a fry top griddle for frying steaks, fish or cooking teppanyaki. Alternatively you may consider the flexibility of an induction with child lock settings, pan detection and over flow safety features. Think about what you cook, and which hob configuration in the kitchen could make cooking that little bit easier. 

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The Colour & Finish

Finally, you want a cooker that suits the interior colours within your kitchen! Consider the shades of your counter top, the tone of your cabinets and the decorations surrounding the area of your range cooker. For modern white gloss cabinets you may want to consider a white range cooker to blend in beautifully and retain a sleek contemporary feel. Alternatively you make want your range cooker to be the focal point of your kitchen which means you can choose a colour that really stands out. ILVE have a variety of options to suit you, with the additional option to colour match your cooker with the interior exactly. As an extra bonus, some brands give the option of choosing the finish of the handles and knobs on your cooker. Again, depending on the style of your kitchen, you could match the handles of your range cooker with those on your cupboards! ILVE have 3 possible options of chrome, brass and antique bronze, depending on your model. It’s completely up to you!

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Once you’ve taken all this into consideration, you’ll be choosing a range cooker which fits in perfectly with your interior, the style of your cooking and completely custom to you. 

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