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Tom Howley, the Creative Design Director of Tom Howley tells us all about the key kitchen trends to keep an eye out for in 2019


“While the style of Tom Howley kitchens will never change, our colour palette is defined by trend forecasts and extensive research by our design team. Our kitchen furniture and cabinetry is a true homage to classical country style, but our paint colours develop organically to ride the waves of colour trends in the wider interiors industry. It is important to acknowledge the presence while echoing more traditional design silhouettes.

More and more, we are seeing requests for statement jewel-toned island counters. The island counter is an integral part of approximately 80% of our clients’ kitchens, but our discerning market is becoming much more imaginative and explorative with colour when it comes to cabinetry. Many opt for neutral surfaces, pantries and wall cabinets, which they pair with a brave tone such as a deep blue or forest green on the island counter. This gives the kitchen a more contemporary feel, without overpowering the whole space. This is set to be a popular kitchen trend in 2018: a classic and simple statement, letting homeowners express themselves through intelligent use of colour.”



“Broken plan layouts are set to be a huge trend in 2019. Open plan kitchens are still popular, and kitchens should be all-access for the entire family. Within reason, children should be able to be in the kitchen with their parents and enjoy the process of cooking, eating and socialising in what is now the heart of the home. The key is how to separate the space so these different activities can happen harmoniously.

Different levels and layers within a kitchen give a sense of intrigue and depth. Having a sunken kitchen, for example, where one steps down into the workspace breaks up an open plan space nicely, and provides a great platform to play with different flooring options such as mixing flagstone with wooden flooring. Also, if you have a kitchen that opens up onto a garden, I would always suggest making the most of the available light with crittall doors to let it into your home.

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