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Three reasons why you should consider luxury vinyl tiles when updating your flooring

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When buying, or updating a floor, it’s important to make an educated and informed decision. There are lots of aspects to consider before making your selection. The big choice is often between luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or real wood/stone. Amtico’s Design Manager, Sarah Escott, shares the benefits of choosing the former…


1. Maintenance

There are advantages to both, however LVT boasts a huge number of benefits that simply cannot be replicated with its natural counterparts. One of these is maintenance. Rooms such as the kitchen or hallway are high-traffic areas in the home and so picking a floor that requires low maintenance is key. With natural wood or stone, it can be tricky to keep it looking good as it requires regular treatment. LVT simply requires a sweep and occasional mop to keep it looking fresh.


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2. Compatibility

Depending on what systems you already have in place, it’s important to choose a floor that is compatible with under-floor heating. Not all LVT tiles and no natural alternatives permit this. Amtico flooring products all work with underfloor systems. These systems can be water or electric based and should be limited to a surface temperature of 27 degrees.

3. Finish

However, it’s not just functional factors that should impact your decision. LVT offers a range of finishes that you simply cannot get with real wood or ceramic products. These include sparkly finishes, rich colours and even metallic effects. Combine this with LVT’s convincing wood grains and stone textures, and you are left with a beautiful collection of unique flooring options.

Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom | utopiamag.co.uk

Amtico | amtico.com 

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