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How maximalism can work in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Jayson Branch, Creative Director at bespoke radiator company Castrads, shows us how to work the theme of maximalism into the kitchen and bathroom…


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 For what seems like an eternity, interior design has been dominated by a “less is more” mentality.

Since Britain’s love affair with scandi-style began, one-dimensional and stripped-back interiors have reigned supreme. Until now.

Maximalism has arrived and it’s here mix to things up. Encouraging us to be bold, loud and proud - our homes are in for a shock.

Start small

If you’re daydreaming of a lavish kitchen or bathroom, but you’re unsure where to start, try it in small doses first.

Open shelving gives a lighter feel in a kitchen and works well set amongst traditional cabinetry. It creates a space to showcase crockery, vases and ornaments to add a splash of colour and a focal point, exposing the personalities of those who live there.

If you want to stir things up more permanently, try giving your bathroom a facelift with bright green tiled splash back, patterned flooring, different levels and styles of lighting, and contrasted wood and metallic surfaces.

Castrads green bathroom

A colour renaissance

The days of a clinical white kitchen are over and it’s about time too.

Maximalism encourages us to unleash our playful side and inject some serious personality. Forget what you’ve been told about accessorising with one or two hues. Instead, splash your favourite colours all over the walls, surfaces, appliances and flooring of your kitchen, complementary or not.

Solid blocks of striking colour can emphasise the freestanding design of furniture. If you’re wondering where to start, anchoring the room in black and white will give you the freedom to work with any colour or tone.

Castrads pastel

Find the link

With maximalism, there’s a risk your kitchen or bathroom may end up looking cluttered and over the top. Maximalism is never chaos, it just hints at it.

Chic maximalist style is a balancing act between eclecticism and carefully thought-out design.

Layering up materials, textures and patterns is a great way to turn up the visual exuberance of a space but try to keep a central theme and palette in mind.

Look for the link that will draw the eye from one piece to the next, connecting the dots. Maximalism is best shown when there’s a common theme running through it, like a visual theatre telling a story.

In a bathroom, play with different styles of monochrome tiling and mix up the scale. Add drama and warmth by introducing an ornate gold cast-iron radiator and compliment it with gold accessories.

Castrads black bathroom

Get personal

Maximalism is all about saying ‘yes’ to things which make you happy. Don’t disregard pieces that ‘don’t match’ your scheme or are old hand-me-downs from relatives. Together, they make for a home that’s unique to you.

However, you choose to embrace the maximalism trend in your home, it should feel like an extension of your own personality. Colours you love, prints that make your heart sing, art which reminds you of a special memory and trinkets you adore.

The rules are, there are no rules.

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