Underfloor Heating For New Builds

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Underfloor heating has become increasingly more popular in the UK because of its ability to provide an efficient and uniform heat distribution. The radiant heat provided at floor level creates a large heated surface that dissipates heat evenly into the living space, in contrast to a radiator which will produce convection currents that rise to the highest part of the room, meaning that a significant amount of the heat is lost at ceiling height.

Underfloor heating is the obvious choice for new build developments. Underfloor heating systems designed to be laid directly into screed are the most cost-effective option, with only a very small cost differential compared to the traditional radiator option.

Underfloor heating can work with a variety of heat sources such as gas and oil fired boilers as well as renewable technologies such as air and ground source heat pumps. It can also be installed to almost any floor type from concrete slab, timber joist and as a retro fit system over existing floors

The benefits of choosing underfloor are numerous:

Optimise Space

By choose underfloor heating, you don’t take up valuable wall and floor space by hanging radiators, giving homeowners the best flexibility for their room layouts

Luxurious Feeling

The feeling of a warm floor beneath your feet creates a feeling of luxury which cannot be replicated by any other form of distribution system

Low Running Costs

Underfloor heating systems are very efficient when they are designed and installed correctly. By enabling low temperature


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