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Top Tips on avoiding moving day delays

Original article provided by the HomeOwners Alliance


The most popular day to move home in 2019 is Friday 30 August. The HomeOwners Alliance analysis of data by reallymoving also found August has been the most popular month to move home for the last 12 years.

If you’re planning on moving home this year, here are some top tips on avoiding moving day delays:

• Suggest a mid-week move to all in your chain pointing out the potential downfall of choosing to move on a busy day and there are savings to be had, for example, removals firms may offer mid-week deals of prices. See our guide on what is the best day to move house.

• If you have to move on a Friday, ask your solicitor to order the mortgage money from your lender the day before completion so it can be transferred first thing on the day of the move. Do not allow the transfer to take place later than 3pm. Otherwise you will likely be stranded without keys to your new abode until Monday.

• If you're going to be moving this August, remember things will be busier. Start getting quotes for removals firms as soon as possible - you want them ready to appoint immediately after exchanging contracts. Read our guide on how to find the right removals company.

• Choose a removals firm you trust and have rapport with. Talk through what would happen if a delay occurred. For example, do they have emergency storage if needed?

For further advice on all aspects of buying, selling, owning and moving home, visit the HomeOwners Alliance website.

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