Getting your house ready for sale

Before you put your house in the market take a moment to think about how best to present it for sale. Human nature is key to any sales transaction, think about what attracts us to buy a certain brand of clothing. Is it the packaging, the colour? Why do we feel attracted to it? How do we feel in it? We go through exactly the same process when buying a home, it is just a little more expensive.

Take yourself on a viewing. Imagine you are the buyer, start at the entrance and look at what your buyer will see first. We all know first impressions count. What does the front door look like? Is the drive way tidy? A welcoming potted plant and a freshly painted front door can make all the difference. If a buyer thinks the house is cared for it is easier for them to want to care for it too.

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The most important thing to do is declutter. I would suggest you start preparing yourself for your move and get packing. Sort through and throw away items you don’t use, create clear surfaces and as much floor space as possible. If your floor is cluttered with boxes or children’s toys your potential buyer won’t be able to see beyond this to the actual space the property offers. You want to show them as much floor as possible!

Making your home appealing to buyers is all about creating space for them, not just physical space but also emotional space. Let them imagine living there. If you have a wall, mantel piece or sideboard full of family photos think about putting them away for viewings. One or two are okay but you want the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home, not you.

Light affects hugely how we feel, so it is key that even if the sun isn’t shining we bring as much light a possible into the property. Open the curtains and blinds as wide as they can go and make sure the windows are squeaky clean but also make sure you have great lighting. Leave the lights on for viewings and if necessary add lighting in the dark corners. Free standing lamps can be ideal for this purpose.

Over time the paint work will have worn or have gotten grubby, especially in places like hallways. Freshening up with a coat of paint can make all the difference to how a space will feel. A spring clean will also help to give a fresh and welcoming feeling.

Biophilic design is being taken very seriously in terms of wellbeing and studies show that having plants in the work place as well as home can improve health and productivity. We all feel better with a bit of greenery around so invest in some beautiful house plants. Don’t go over the top but one or two will really bring a room to life. Plus, you can always take them with you. Flowers are also a wonderful way of adding colour to a room, so have a fresh bunch of flowers in the house on viewing days. They just make people feel happy If someone feels happy in your home they are much more likely to buy it!

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