How to bring ecologically sound personality into your home

Our homes should be a sanctuary; an oasis away from the pressures of an often frenetic outside world. They should be a place where we can relax and feel at ease; somewhere which reflects our personality and celebrates our life. Creating an interior which is stylish and up to the minute whilst reflecting individuality and life experiences often seems daunting.

A sure sign of a well-designed interior is the harmony of the pieces used in each room. To achieve a seemingly effortless style, however, takes careful planning and a methodical, efficient approach. Always carry a tape measure with you and a list of items you are searching for, with dimensions of the space you have available. Take with you swatches of the colours in your room as a reference point. Too often people buy something they fall in love with only to find it doesn’t fit the room you intended it for, in terms of size and colour. Impulse buys often don’t work.

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With an ever-increasing importance for us to consider our impact on the planet, using sustainable and renewable materials is gaining greater significance. A great way to follow the principles of the three R’s, (Recycle, Re-use and Reduce) while furnishing your home is to visit auction rooms and flea markets. It can be a lot of fun wandering amongst the stalls at the flea market searching for hidden gems or taking part in bidding for items in an auction room. But remember to have your tape measure at the ready to check the item will fit before the hammer falls.

Bring auction room finds up to date and in keeping with your colour scheme, by recovering with a modern fabric or freshen up with a complementary colour so it sits in harmony with your room. This can also apply to items that you own and may even be considering taking to a recycling centre. Can it be updated or reconditioned so that it is usable somewhere else in your home?

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Fill your home with pieces which tell a story. When travelling bring home souvenirs which add beauty to your home and remind you of the time you spent in that country. Search out local craftspeople; it is not only interesting to visit their workshops and see them skilfully produce their goods in person, but supports the local economy and gives joy for years to come.

However, you do not need to travel to far flung places to find talented artisans. Visit local craft fairs to find the hidden talent in your area. Supporting local makers who are experts in their field adds to the story of your home, instead of promoting mass produced high street goods.

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Finally, furnish your home with nature, even in the smallest of ways can produce benefits. Bringing plants into your home can perform a variety of therapeutic functions; they purify and oxygenate the air, helping with sleep and alleviating anxiety. A few well placed plants in your home can not only bring benefits to health and wellbeing but act as mood boosters, flowering plants especially are associated with positive events. House plants not only add a soothing quality but are part of the story of your home and really bring it to life.

Article from Charlotte England of Mkira

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