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How to style your property for rental

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There are many different ways in which you can style your property for the rental market. It will obviously depend upon the type of clientele and the area you are focusing upon but there are some useful guidelines.

Should I renovate my rental property?

The simple answer is, if it needs it then yes, if it doesn’t then no. A full renovation of a new buy to let property can be pretty expensive. You are also taking a chance that your additional investment will attract the type of clientele you are after - it is probably best to take advice. Of course, there will be properties which are run down and relatively cheap to buy. That is a whole different ballgame, one where you have the chance to add a new style to your property and give it a new lease of life.

Redecorate, refresh and welcome a new tenant

While buy to let is obviously a business, there is still a need to invest in the basics to keep up the appearance of your property. Freshly painted walls give a whole new life to a tired room, modern furniture goes down very well and up-to-date bathrooms/kitchens can make a big first impression. Perhaps the best way to think of styling rental property to maximise interest is to pretend in your own mind that you are selling the property. You want to make a great first impression.

A homely feel is better than a bland cold lifeless look

 We always hear about people suggesting your rental property should be a “blank canvas” giving the new tenant the opportunity to put their mark upon the property. This is not always the best approach. Many people will go on first impressions when they visit a rental property and will prefer the personal touch. Scatter cushions, hanging mirrors, art work on the wall, throws on the chairs and an all-round homely look. Once in, a tenant can make their own changes to a certain extent but the first impression should be personal. Remember, to them this could be their next home!

Old is good but not necessarily for rental properties

It is safe to say there is a market for the old world look but the vast majority of modern day tenants would prefer a modern styled property. Open plan properties are popular with young business people, a secure source of long-term revenue, and many potential tenants will welcome a focal wall in the main rooms. There is no doubt that the look and feel of a property can diminish the appeal to the typical tenant today.

A tidy, clean home is a welcoming home

There is nothing worse than clutter and mess to put off a new tenant. Rooms are cramped, there is far too much furniture and it is difficult to manoeuvre around the property with ease. A clean and tidy property, with open space, allows a potential tenant to think where they might place their belongings. If the property is cluttered and messy this just does not give a good first impression.

Lights, camera and action, light up your property

It may sound strange, but many estate agents recommend lighting up your property when showing around a potential tenant. Don’t go for that dark intimate look, switch on the lights, turn on the radiator and show your property in its full glory. At the end of the day, a potential tenant visiting your property wants to see every nook and cranny. The last thing they need is any shocks after they have signed the paperwork and are about to move in!


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