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The benefits of insect screens for your home

Original article by Centor Europe Ltd


Be prepared for next summer’s invasion of insects

2018 will go down as one of the worst years for wasps and all because the British summer started early. And they, along with other winged insects, can often prove a real nuisance in the home. In fact, when it comes to common gripes of British summers, by far the top complaint seems to be insects with 60% of adults claiming wasps, flies and suchlike are the most irritating thing about the season. The problem is even worse if you live close to moorland or open water. There’s no doubt that insects are a nuisance, but they’re also unhygienic. The UK is only just catching up with its continental cousins in maximising its outside spaces to their full potential. And while insect screens are fitted as standard in many other countries, it’s rare that they’re considered here, even though they could make life so much more comfortable.

Consider the benefits:

Centor 205 Integrated Folding Door

Energy saving

Air conditioning can be an expensive investment for something used only seasonally not to mention its energy consumption costs, whereas fresh air is free and the natural way for regulating room temperatures. Most insect screens are constructed from a fine mesh that enables air to filter through but keeps the bugs out.

Sleep well

There’s nothing worse than being woken up by a mosquito buzzing at your ear and the prospect of being covered in itchy bites come the morning. Insects screens fitted to windows enable you to enjoy more restful sleep on balmy evenings and no fear of stings or bites overnight.

Natural ventilation

With double and triple glazed windows and doors comes the prospect of an airtight home. Great for staying warm in winter and conserving energy but not ideal for releasing stale air, or the smell of cleaning fluids. An insect screen provides the ideal way for air to ventilate the whole home while keeping insects outside. And no more dead flies to sweep up from window sills!

Healthier and more hygienic

There’s nothing worse when you’re preparing meals, or even dining than seeing flies crawling all over the food and worktops. Petfood seems to be a particular target with leftovers having to be thrown away because of contamination with flies’ eggs. A good quality flyscreen will prevent insects entering your home and potentially spreading infectious diseases, they also put an end to the irritating, underlying buzz of a bluebottle or a dive-bomb by a moth when you’re entertaining at home!


Summer is an ideal time to ‘bring the outside in’ but when the lines between indoor and outdoor living are blurred, the need for insect screens increases. Having the option to protect your home from invasion by insects is one of the first steps of being able to control your living environment and enjoy the warmer nights for even longer.

Whether you live close to water, fields, or even in the city, you're at the mercy of mosquitoes, flies and moths. There are many types of insect screens on the market, including stacking or pleated systems, and though they may prove effective, they are not fully retracting and will always partially obstruct your view. This is especially significant on a product used only seasonally as there’ll always be some form of obtrusive screening stacked to the side or top of your window or door.


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