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Underfloor Heating: Mythbusters

Original article by Polypipe Underfloor Heating

Installing water based underfloor heating (UFH) in a property provides many benefits to both house builders and homeowners, but many of these benefits are not widely understood. Andy Coy, Product Manager at Polypipe Underfloor Heating, dispels the myths surrounding UFH.

Is it more expensive to run than radiators?

Not at all. Underfloor heating systems run at a much lower temperature and heat a room more efficiently than radiators. And with room-by-room control, you can get more control over your energy consumption, and therefore help keep costs down.

Will I need to get a new boiler?

If you’re fitting underfloor heating to an existing space, then your existing boiler should be just fine. However, if you’re building an extension it’s worth checking with your heating engineer that your boiler can cope with the additional demand — just like you would if you were installing radiators.

What if the system leaks?

Underfloor heating systems don’t have any joints, so there aren’t any weak-spots for leaks to start and, just for good measure, every system is pressure-tested during installation. What’s more, because the pipes are beneath the floor rather than within the walls, you won’t hit a pipe with a nail when hanging a picture or putting up shelves.

Won’t I have to dig up my floor?

No, many companies have Overlay systems specifically designed to be installed on top of existing floors. With some doing depths as small as 18mm, it’s a discreet addition to any room, and can be finished with any floor covering you like — perfect for renovation projects.

Is it just for tiled floors?

Despite what you might have heard, there's an underfloor heating solution for every floor type. From wood to stone, tiles to carpet, the right company and the right system can give you plenty of freedom to create the perfect design for your home.

Don’t you need to have underfloor heating throughout your home?

Underfloor heating systems can be flexible, so you can have them in every room — or just one. And, with intuitive individual controls, you can create a different temperature in each space, saving running costs while catering to individual needs and moods.

Does it get too hot under your feet?

No — unlike radiators, which need to reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees, underfloor heating runs at a much lower temperature. And of course, it’s spread across a wider surface area, so it heats evenly, whilst feeling pleasantly warm to the touch.

Is it safe for my children or pets?

Definitely! Floor temperatures never rise above that of your body, so it's perfectly safe for children and pets alike. And because there aren’t any radiators, they can’t scald themselves or bump into metal surfaces or edges.


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