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Advantages of a Smart Home

Original article by Polypipe Underfloor Heating


See how a Smart Home can make your life easier:


It’s convenient

Being able to manage your home from your smartphone or tablet allows you to streamline common household tasks such as controlling your home’s security, underfloor heating and washing machine, at home or on the go.

It’s more energy efficient

Smart appliances are usually more energy efficient due to giving homeowners more visibility and control over energy consumption, allowing you to make savings.

You will also be able to regulate the appliances more closely. For example, your underfloor heating system not only works at a lower temperature than your radiators but can be set to a different programme each day of the week.

Some systems will even allow each zone of the house to be programmed separately, with the heating only turning on if the room or zone dips below your desired temperature.

Your home is more secure

Smart home security is a big thing, with devices now allowing you to view live camera footage on your smartphone and sound an alarm if necessary. You can even do things like set your lights on a timer so it looks like someone is home while you’re on holiday.

Increases accessibility

This advantage is more beneficial to those with mobility issues or who are elderly, as some appliances can take care of daily tasks so you don’t have to. For example, you can set your sprinkler to a timer so it waters your garden and plants, removing the need to complete any labour-intensive tasks.

Increases resale value

As we move deeper into a more technologically advanced society, people are looking for more ways to incorporate the convenience of ‘smart living’ into their lives. Therefore, if your home already has smart appliances, people will be prepared to pay more for it, as it can create a ‘wow’ factor.

Homeowners can also request more money if their home has a good energy efficiency rating.


Follow the Tech Trail at Grand Designs Live to discover more ways of making your home smarter.


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