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Top 7 most unusual Grand Designs TV houses

Every Grand Designs TV house is amazing in its own right but we’ve managed to pick out some of the more quirky that have appeared on our screens over the years

Self-build projects always make great stories and behind them all are the owners who remain committed to their dream home sometimes against all the odds. These seven Grand Designs builds are some of the most memorable

Damien Hirst houseboat renovation

Damien Hirst houseboat renovation conversion featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show with Kevin McCloud

Image: James Balston

The Signe Maria was a dilapidated houseboat moored on the Thames at Chelsea. The renovation cost £160,000 plus the cost of the dry dock essential for restoration and refitting. The revamped interior includes banquettes and reconfigured furniture and is decorated in a laid-back nautical style.  From Series 1, 2001.

Timber-clad hillside home

Timber Clad TV House featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show

Image: Chris Tubbs

A low-energy home on a challenging sloping site in Malvern, Worcestershire. The house was built using Insulating Concrete formwork (ICF) and it proved difficult to find the specialist structural engineers and builders the project required. The build cost £600,000 and took three years. From Series 17, 2017. 

House of Fun

gamekeepers lodge and barn made with brick and zinc featured in Channel 4's Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud

Image: Matt Chisnall

A brick and zinc barn-style extension to a 19th-century gamekeeper’s lodge. The build cost £880,000 and took 18 months to build. The extension is 421sqm. From Series 17, 2016.

Converted cave home

a converted cave built into a house featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show with Kevin McCloud

Image: Andrew Wall

This abandoned property cost £62,000. The build cost £100,000 and took nine months. The house is 62sqm. From Series 16, 2015.

Shipping Container House

a shipping container house conversion featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show with Kevin McCloud

Image: Aidan Monaghan

Four shipping containers make up the structure of this house. The budget was £130,000 and it took seven months to build. It measures 115sqm. From Series 14, 2014.

Water-tower conversion

a water tower house conversion in london featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show. with Kevin McCloud

Image: Jefferson Smith

The 100ft tower was built in 1877. The building went on the market for £380,000 and has become a tourist attraction. It offers 360 degree views over London, which includes The Shard, Big Ben and The London Eye. From Series 6, 2006.

The Lifeboat Station

a lifeboat station house conversion featured in Channel 4's Grand Designs TV show with Kevin McCloud

Image: Chris Tubbs

The building is Grade II listed and has views of the harbour in Tenby, Wales. Kevin McCloud estimated that the build cost over £600,000 but the owners would not confirm. It took seven years to start building because of negotiations with the Crown Estate for the freehold. From Series 11, 2011.

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