Lynne Lambourne

lynne palletsLynne is designing a living room inspired by the motto 'make good use of bad rubbish'.

The Designer:

Lynne is an incredibly passionate interiors addict. Since appearing on BBC2’s ‘Great Interior Design Challenge’, her creativity has never stopped. Lynne's work has appeared in several magazines, books and TV shows including 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces: Floating Homes', Gok Wan's ‘Fill Your House For Free’ and her home is regularly featured on film and television projects thanks to her keen eye for design and styling. She's never happier than in her workshop upcycling with a paint brush in her hand.

Lynne believes a house should be a home and your home should reflect your personality, style and the way that you live. Lynne aims to help people unlock their inner interior style and bring personality to their home’s design. Lynne listens carefully to what clients want and need, and then devises a bespoke scheme with individuality, creative flair and a unique approach to upcycling.

LN LogoLove Nellie:

Love Nellie Designs is not your usual interior design and styling company. Whilst Lynne is an interiors addict and keen to use current trends and fashions to bring style to your home, her designs feature many key upcycled pieces, things you may already own or things you can source together. Lynne has the skills and contacts to be able to create something truly unique for your home with a more creative approach to the choices you make. The company is passionate about sustainability and saving things from landfill, without compromising on design and styling.


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