Jillian Mitchell


My work is about much more than simply creating beautiful designs; getting a real understanding of what clients want and need is a crucial element of our success. It’s why you won’t see a ‘house style’ within our portfolio. All the while, we strive to design sustainable and energy efficient buildings.


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Here are my three top tips for Clients embarking on a project:
•Allow sufficient time for the project; it will take longer than you think.
•Plan your budget from the start, and include everything a project might need.
•Take control of your project – no-one will invest in managing time, cost or quality the way you will.


Project Logistics Architecture Limited

We are a long-established, small and friendly award-winning architectural practice, based in North Derbyshire, working on high-quality, energy-efficient, private residential projects.


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Website: www.projectlogistics.co.uk