Win a Limited Edition Temaki Sculptured Waste Bin Signed By The Designer Charles Wan.

Created in Hong Kong by modern contemporary luxury furniture designers Alvarae Design Studio and under direction of Charles Wan. The limited edition Temaki Sculptured waste bin takes its inspiration from the art of Japanese Sushi.

The ‘Temaki’ is created from one single sheet of carbon fibre that is hand rolled to create the perfect Temaki cone. The cone is then magnetically attached to a stylish lightweight polished aluminum base.

The minimal design of the Temaki is more about lifestyle than form and function. It’s so sleek, simple and perfect that the very last thing you’ll ever want to do is stand it in the corner and use it for is a waste bin.

To enter the competition please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

One of the Temaki's will be available to view in Ben Cocker's room set in our Grand Room Sets Competition sponsored by AXA Insurance at the show.

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