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Visit Stand B462 throughout Grand Designs Live to discover how you can improve your well-being just by ensuring that your home is effectively ventilated.
Did you know that air pollution is becoming such a problem in the UK that it has been linked to 40,000 premature deaths a year and the government has been taken to court multiple times over its failure to adequately address the problem of air pollution?
You may think that air pollution is a problem limited to busy cities, but is a growing problem within modern homes. Modern building techniques, in an effort to reduce heating bills and to improve the energy efficiency of the home, have made many new homes practically airtight. Due to this insulation, pollutants that are created through everyday living, such as excess moisture and CO2, are trapped inside the home. As a result, indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air found outside the home.
If air pollutants, including VOCs and dust, are left unchecked to build up inside the home, concentration levels will grow to harmful levels. This build-up will negatively impact the well-being of you and your family, as polluted air can worsen allergies and asthma, as well as cause respiratory issues and, in worst cases, lead to heart attacks and strokes.
The health of your home also suffers from air pollution, as the fabric of your home can be damaged by damp and mould that develops when the excess moisture that is created through cooking and bathing is prevented from leaving the property.
If unchecked, the issues caused by indoor air pollution can lead to Toxic Home Syndrome. Toxic Home Syndrome, also known as Sick Building Syndrome, affects millions with over 15,000,000 UK homes currently at risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.
One simple yet effective solution to combat airborne pollutants in your home is to ensure that you have effective ventilation. Effective ventilation ensures that pollutants are swiftly removed from your home, creating a healthier indoor air environment for you and your family in the process.
Furthermore, by effectively ventilating your home, you’re able to protect the fabric of your home from the effects of damp, mould and condensation. Ventilation does this by removing excess moisture from the home before it can take hold.
There are various options to ventilate your home available to you. They will ensure that your home is a healthy place to live in for your family and vary from individual extract fans in each of your wet rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, utility room or bathrooms or whole house ventilation systems that can help you reduce your ongoing household heating bills by recovering up to 90% of otherwise wasted heat and returning it to the home.
Visit Airflow at B462 throughout Grand Designs Live to discover the huge range of ventilation options that can improve your quality of life and protect the fabric of your home whilst offering outstanding installed performance that meet the requirements of the current Building Regulations.
There will be our full range of domestic extractor fans available to purchase on the day, from award-winning extractor fans such as the iCON and QuietAir, to the quietest continuously running dMEV fan available, iCONstant.
Looking for a whole house ventilation system? You can experience to the UK’s first internet controllable, Passive House approved MVHR unit, Adroit, on Airlow’s stand. These domestic MVHR units recover over 90% of otherwise lost heat and return it to the home, and can reduce your ongoing heating bills whilst improving your indoor air quality as a result.
All Adroit units are fitted with a unique triple air filter design that prevents air pollutants as small as carbon from entering the home; leaving your with an ultra-hygienic home for your family. Airflow’s Adroit domestic MVHR range can also be controlled by smartphone, tablet or computer so you can adjust your ventilation around your needs at home or on the go.
There will also be Airflow’s ventilation experts on hand at B462 throughout the exhibition to answer any questions that you may have. They’ll also guide you through the Building Regulations and ensure that you can find the perfect ventilation system to make your Grand Designer dreams a reality.
Stand Number: B462


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