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When you’re planning your Grand Design, the excitement (or stress) can sometimes seem all-consuming. The plans, the project management, the fixtures, the fittings, the deadlines - not to mention the budget!

Reaching the ‘finish line’ can easily become the top priority, but what about protecting all your hard work for the future, after the contractors have left and when the disruption of the build is a distant memory?

For most people, building or renovating a house is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. But all that work can quickly be undone by the wear and tear that your everyday life inflicts on your home.

Take the water that comes out of your tap, for example. If you use your bathroom tap a dozen times every day, that’s a dozen times that your facets get wet and then dry and then wet and so on. If you’re living in a hard water area, there are minerals in your water such as calcium and magnesium which get left behind each time water evaporates. Over time these collect to form limescale.

When we’re talking about surfaces like shower screens or kitchen sinks which frequently get wet and dry, you can just clean more frequently to remove the scale as it forms, if you don’t mind cleaning, that is.

But if your water’s hard then every device or appliance in your home that uses water is susceptible to scale build up. Kettles, washing machines, dishwashers - they can all quickly get damaged.

Harvey Water Softener individual

However it might be your boiler that’s packing up before long. New boilers can suffer serious damage in just a couple of years from really hard water. The same is true for heating systems, new kitchens or bathrooms. You might have spent thousands on a new suite, but with hard water it won’t be long until scale makes it look years older.

That’s why it pays to think long-term by considering a water softener at the same time as having other new appliances installed.

The HV3 Harvey Water Softener is the UK’s best-selling water softener, built with twin-cylinders which allow for continuous 24/7 softening. This duplex parallel softening process uses both cylinders simultaneously to improve flow rate, making it work better in high-usage homes or with power showers.

Compact enough to fit beneath a typical kitchen sink, it’s non-electric, so requires no maintenance or programming, and it uses block salt tablets rather than heavy bags of loose tablets.

And best of all, it keeps new kitchens and bathrooms looking new for longer, so all that hard work to get your home finished doesn’t go to waste.

Come and meet us at stand K82 to find us what softened water could do for your home.


Harvey Bowden, founder of Harvey Water Softeners

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