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Q: Can one person making positive steps to become more eco-conscious really make a difference?

A: The answer is a resounding yes. Whether you are turning off lights, saving fuel around your home or cutting down on your food wastage, there are a whole range of things of small changes that can reduce your impact of our planet.


From the Paris Agreement to fuel emissions and protecting our natural resources; being eco-aware has continued to be a hot topic in 2017.


Tumble dryers and hair dryers aid us in our day-to-day rituals, but to be more energy efficient and save those pennies, why not peg your clothes outside on the line and let your hair dry free of direct and artificial heat. Reducing the amount of times you use them will benefit you and your home during the summer.


The setting sun shouldn’t signal an end to time outdoors so get the marshmallows toasting and gather round your fire pit or chiminea.

Let your fire burn for longer with a Firemizer – the only energy saving device of its kind - which reduces fuel usage by up to 38% and emissions by up to 72% helping you save money on your overall heating bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

With the ability to be used on a wood burning stove, fire pit, chiminea and even a BBQ - one Firemizer grid is just £19.99 and will typically last up to 500 burning hours. This is equivalent to six weeks if used for 12 hours per day making for a significant cost saving. For example, if a household spends an average of £5 per week on wood or coal, a Firemizer could save up to £100 per year.

Couple your Firemizer with brand new product Firebuilder and achieve a greener, cleaner fire, every time. Firebuilder is simple to use and easy to light, acting as a firelighter and kindling in one; eliminating the need for additional costly kindling or firelighters and saving you money as well as time and effort.


In the cooler evenings, open your windows as soon as it starts to get cooler outside instead of using other devices such as an electric fans or air conditioning. This will not only reduce your energy bills, but will naturally ventilate your home with an evening breeze.

To capture the cool air for the day ahead, shut the windows and blinds in the morning to feel the full benefit of the welcoming chill.


Avoid artificial lighting, such as lamps and light fixtures, and instead aim for a more au natural option. Invite the sunlight into your home through windows and skylights, which will not only naturally brighten up your room, but will reduce your energy bill and keep you cooler.

Did you know, light bulbs have a heat output as well as a light output, which means if you keep lights on during the summer, it will only get warmer?

For further information on Firemizer and Firebuilder, please visit: https://www.firemizer.com/  

For press enquiries please contact Lauren at O PR – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively call 0191 232 5690

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