How to make the most of your renovation

Q - We’ve built an extension at the rear of our house and are renovating the rest of the property. We’re spending our savings on this project and we want to redesign our home so that it’s suited to our needs for the next 20 years. What do you advise?


A - This sounds like a life-changing project, which is exciting. You need to find a very talented team to ensure that you reshape your house so that every square millimetre of space is used and finished the way you want.

An architect will look at the bigger picture and will be very knowledgeable about the construction of your home, as well as being able to advise on lighting and finishes. An interior designer, on the other hand, can skilfully adapt spaces to make them more aesthetic, and style every element of the room to suit you – down to curtains, sofas and accessories. Alternatively, the crossover between architect and interior designer has seen a relatively new profession develop – the interior architect, who specialises in reconfiguring internal spaces.

As your extension is nearing completion, I suggest you appoint an interior designer or interior architect to guide you through the rest of the development. Your builder won’t be able to design this aspect for you, and there’s no point in spending your savings on the project without achieving a polished end result – you need to see this as a necessary investment to get the beautiful home you want. 

Hire a creative designer to help you realise your dreams, and most importantly, cultivate a good relationship with them to ensure that they understand your needs entirely. Good luck!