Is being eco-aware really that important?

Q: Can one person making positive steps to become more eco-conscious really make a difference? A:&nb...

17 / 08 / 17

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Positioning Your Appliances: Top Five Things to Consider

Q: I am in the process of re-designing my kitchen, what should I consider when deciding on the posit...

20 / 03 / 17

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Top tips on how to render your house

Q - I’m in the process of stripping the existing render from my house. Can you give me some option...

14 / 03 / 17

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How to make the most of your renovation

Q - We’ve built an extension at the rear of our house and are renovating the rest of the property....

09 / 03 / 17

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Converting an old room into a bathroom

Q: We have a good sized room in our house that we’d like to convert into a fully-equipped bathroom...

04 / 03 / 17

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Adding a glass box extension

Q: We want to create a glass box at the back of our house. Could you advise us on the best way to do...

27 / 02 / 17

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