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Brian Murphy- HiiGuru expert

Brian Murphy- HiiGuru expert

Brian Murphy- HiiGuru expert
Advises on: 
  • Green specifications

  • Environmental construction methods and materials

  • Sustainable materials

  • Energy, carbon & cost efficiency calculations

  • Biodiversity

Brian is a sustainability expert on HiiGuru, a platform with vetted home design & renovation experts available on demand over video call for personalised advice or ideas.

Brian is an award-winning professional environmental design & construction advisor with over 45 years of experience in architecture & construction and over 23 years of experience in sustainable & green design.‚Äč

He spent the first ten years of his career in small firms, working on a wide range of new and existing buildings, getting a thorough grounding in building technology and studying day release ONC and HNC construction.

Brian then went on to work with talented architects whilst studying day-release architecture. This, along with his continued professional development continues to provide him with a strong technical background, allowing him to contribute to the industry in a highly impactful way.

In April 1999, Brian made a public declaration of intent to work with designers adopting sustainable approaches to building in the future and to influence others in this area. Since April 2001, Brian set out to create the National Green Specification, describing all products with the right environmental credentials and performance characteristics available in or from the UK. Since 2012, Brian has been building the Green Building Encyclopaedia, the award-winning Green Building Calculator and the Green Retrofit Calculator.

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