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Helen Crouch

Helen Crouch

Helen Crouch

The Design Hub Leicestershire creates exciting unique designs for clients that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Giving a creative twist and inventive solutions to spaces whether Commercial or Domestic. We also Source a mix of imaginatively adapted or restored high street and up-cycled furniture and accessories. We offer advice and workshops from our inspirational studio and have a team of professionals to take your project from ‘Conception to Completion’ 

Company name: The Design Hub Leicestershire 
Contact name:  Helen Crouch 

Interior & Exterior Designing consultancy of Commercial & Residential spaces from the concept to the completion
The Design Hub Leicestershire  takes space along with clients specifications and creates a unique design that meets their needs & wants, often with added extra solutions. We understand that every client, project & budget is different and work very closely with our clients to deliver the design that works best for them.  Our capable and committed team of Designer & Project manager along with our builders, carpenters and painters and our strong network of other skilled organisations allows The Design Hub to have the skills and resources to meet all the design and building needs off our past, existing and future clients.  We like to keep that personal touch in what we do.

We have worked regularly for a local brewery creating new looks within pubs and restaurants. We literally are what we are called, we design the concept of the space and then put it into place, project manage it through to completion with high standards keeping each project Unique. we thrive on the challenges that you come across as designers and when you project manage a scheme too. Over the next 3 years we are looking for more growth within both commercial and residential areas over the UK.

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Helen Crouch, Designer & Director of The Design hub with years of creative flair Helen uses it day to day to change residential and commercial spaces, from a client’s lounge to a complete pub, hotel or garden any space can be changed. Helen uses her creative skills to produce a unique look to the space, with her experience, eye for quality and sense of style along with the complete understanding of her clients wishes and needs & her passion to exceed the client’s expectations Helen creates designs that have positive impact on clients lives or businesses. 

“there is nothing I love more than creating new unique interiors, using different colours, textures, lighting, new fabrics and sometime a little of the existing oh and shopping!!!!” 

With over 20 years of different life & work experiences it gave Helen the skill sets to start up and run a fast-growing interior design business, with clients who use her regularly and recommend her.

Helen thinks her personality of being friendly, honest, passionate, creative and forthright along with organised attributes to her success so far as well as spending time with clients and getting to understand and know them, also key to projects is being able to work through challenges along the way and always find solutions and leaving the space with a high standard of finish.

Helen is one Of the most popular designers to have been at Grand Designs Live UK Room Sets 

Not only does she push all the boundaries of grand designs but has the most famous “Royal. toilet” from the show 

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