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29 APRIL - 7 MAY 2023


5 - 9 OCTOBER 2022

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Made of Air

Made of Air’s HexAudi façade application on the exterior cladding of the Audi car dealership in Trudering, Bavaria, Germany is a Made of Air biochar-based carbon-negative material rainscreen panel. In partnership with Audi, Made of Air created the compound, developed the final design, manufactured the boards, designed the application process and oversaw the installation of the panel onto the building’s exterior façade.

Our product is the combination of biochar, created out of wood waste put through a process called pyrolysis and combining it with a binder made from bio-products (such as sugar cane) to create granular materials that can be melted and moulted like regular thermoplastics. The output is a permanent carbon sink material that goes beyond reducing our impact on the natural environment, but one that provides benefit to it by permanently removing carbon dioxide from the air.

For the Audi application, we have used 7 tons of biochar-based product, and by achieving a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of -1.95 tons CO2 eq. / tons, we have removed approximately 14 tons of CO2.

The result is excellent feedback from installers on the ease and convenience of installation, excellent customer relationships with Audi, hence the process of scaling this application across Audi’s global dealerships as well as their vehicles and other infrastructure.

Through this scaling, we will move with Audi on their journey to decarbonise both the automotive and the built environment industries, providing a dual benefit.

Made of Air is in business to reverse climate change by transforming low-value biomass waste into durable, carbon-negative thermoplastics that permanently sequester atmospheric carbon. These thermoplastics can be formed with all traditional heat-forming methods and used for a wide variety of applications, turning manufactured goods into engineered carbon sinks.



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