5 - 9 OCTOBER 2022



29 APRIL - 7 MAY 2023


29 APRIL - 7 MAY 2023


5 - 9 OCTOBER 2022

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Award-winning brand ecoBirdy redesigns plastic waste into beautiful and functional furniture.

1. Charlie Chair
ecoBirdy’s award-winning Charlie chair is designed for kids. With its ergonomic shapes, rounded edges and a large seating surface, Charlie is comfortable and safe for the little ones. Thanks to its well thought-out design, it is both light and remarkably stable. Thus on the one hand kids can move it around as they wish; on the other hand it doesn't tip over easily. Recycled pieces of plastic toys are clearly recognizable and make up the distinctive speckled look. This makes Charlie a vivid eye-catcher and an educational piece for children. Charlie’s smooth silky surface is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.
Made in Italy

Product dimensions: L38 x W35 x H50 cm

RRP: 186 EUR


2. Mabo Plate
The ecoBirdy Mabo plate is a multi-purpose deep plate that looks as if it is made from marble, but it is made with recycled plastic. Colour schemes and patterns follow a gradient progression, which results in smooth and organic-looking items. Each individual plate is unique as every pattern is different. The plates are made from repurposed plastic kitchen waste. With a process that takes up to 10 times longer than methods that are usually applied, a refreshing sense of craftsmanship is felt as these plates are created.
Made in Belgium

Product dimensions: D22 x H4,5cm

RRP: 99 EUR (set of 6 pcs), 59 EUR (set of 3pcs)



Email Address:

Telephone: 0032 3 246 46 40





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