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This patented, 100% bio-based material drastically pushes the boundaries of cellulosic properties to a completely new level.

We at BAUX are not afraid of a challenge.
We’ve been searching the world for the most sustainable and functional building materials ever since we first got started.

This time, we had a vision to create an acoustical solution that would be uncompromisingly sustainable in every way— from the resources and materials to the manufacturing process, and the impact of the product at the end of its life. All while achieving the right characteristics for optimal sound absorption and meeting the contemporary design expectations of modern architects and designers. We wanted to take advantage of the natural resources provided to us by nature in our own backyard, the forests of Sweden. We imagined an end product that would feel all at once familiar, playful, and beautiful, while generating sensations as innate and restorative as nature itself.

We started by folding paper.
For weeks, we played with a multitude of different origami and architecture-inspired lines and shapes until we discovered a series of simple patterns that both matched our aesthetic and provided acoustical benefits.
Then, we entered into a two year period of trial and error, testing different materials until we finally discovered the perfect partner to help us bring our vision to life: A high-tech and like-minded life science laboratory located just outside Stockholm.

Founded by a group of researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology, the laboratory works with biomimicry and Click Chemistry to organically modify cellulosic fibers from recycled streams of Swedish pine and spruce trees. It’s through this technique that they developed a patented, 100% bio-based material that drastically pushes the boundaries of cellulosic properties to a completely new level. It turned out to be the perfect canvas for our new acoustical solution.

Experimenting together with our newfound lab partners, we fine-tuned the formula and production process until it yielded the exact properties needed to build the highly functional, sustainable, and beautiful acoustical product we were seeking.

Instead of resorting to chemicals, we looked to nature for answers.
To create fire-retardancy, we mimicked the natural wood fossilization process and the resilience of grass roots. For water repellency, we looked to the superhydrophobic surface of the lotus flower. For color, we added wheat bran. For strength, we utilized a naturally catalytic combination of potato starch, plant-based wax and citrus fruit peels from lemons, limes, and oranges to provoke the cellulosic molecules into creating a powerful matrix of intermolecular fusions. And to achieve extra sound absorption and durability, while maintaining a lightweight product with minimal material usage, we borrowed the hexagonal honeycomb structure originally invented by bees and popularly used by the aerospace industry.



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